personal coaching

Amongst other things Jenny is also a Personal Trainer. In her PT capacity she works with people that have very limited backgrounds in fitness and virtually never been educated with respect to health and fitness. She loves the balance and satisfaction she gets with working with people from scratch and watching them progress physically and emotionally as they change their bad habits and begin to love exercise and the feeling of having more energy and feeling fit.

Jenny has also developed a beginner starter pack for people wanting to compete in their first Triathlon or feeling like they need some more specific training to put them on the right track. The starter pack involves one on one session’s which look at:

  1. Level of fitness in Swimming, Cycling and Running.
  2. Level of skill development in Swimming, Cycling and Running
  3. Biomechanics and technique in Swimming, Cycling and Running
  4. Education in all aspects of the sport eg rules, training, race day
  5. Advice on the correct equipment and bike set-up
  6. Assistance with goal setting and your race calendar
  7. Provision of a personal training program to suit your level and goals